Producing & Editing

I’m currently filing in as executive producer on a daily news podcast, Get the News with Gretchen Carlson, while our usual EP is on maternity leave. I’m also a producer on a twice-weekly newsmagazine podcast, Very Opinionated with Soledad O’Brien.


Here’s a sampling of my work on the show.


Following the 12th death of an inmate in Rikers custody this year, there’s growing demands to address living conditions in the prison and shut it down sooner. Soledad sits down with Wendell Pittman, whose brother died in custody in 2017, and the family lawyer, Joshua Kelner.

Former police deputy Michael Davis is being charged with manslaughter after shooting unarmed white teenager, Hunter Brittain, last summer. Soledad sits down with Hunter’s uncle, Jesse Brittain, and family lawyer Ben Crump, who are fighting against qualified immunity.

Soledad sits down with two parents whose six-year-old was reported to police, after a wave of schools have announced re-examining their relationships with police departments. Special guests are Flavia Perea and Sean Roberson.

Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that non-unanimous juries are unconstitutional, forcing courts in Oregon and Louisiana to change. Yet almost one year on, many people are still awaiting retrials. Soledad checks in with special guests Terrence Hayes and Aliza Kaplan, director of the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic.

The Trump administration is pushing through an unprecedented number of federal executions, despite waning national support for the death penalty. Special guest is Sr. Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking and anti-death penalty advocate.


As the federal moratorium on evictions is set to expire, Soledad explores how people will be impacted. Special guest is Cashauna Hill, the executive director for the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center.

Many Southern communities are still recovering from last month’s winter storm. Special guest is Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, mayor of Jackson, MS.

Soledad takes another look at New York City developer Robert Moses and the history of segregation and infrastructure in the U.S. Special guest is historian, author and teacher Christopher Verga.

Centuries after Native American tribes lost their land through broken treaties, war, and force, many are starting to reclaim some of those acres. Soledad speaks with special guest Corey Hinton, an attorney and Passamaquoddy tribe citizen, who recently negotiated back 143 acres in Maine.


Soledad talks with former mayor Michael Tubbs about how his UBI program in Stockton, California, is inspiring other cities to follow suit.

For years, global retail giant Amazon has come under fire for how workers are treated. This week, workers in Bessemer, Alabama, began voting by mail on whether to unionize. Special guest is Darryl Richardson, pro-union Amazon employee in Bessemer.

As Americans prepare to file taxes, Soledad takes a look at how the gutting of the IRS has led to lower-income workers being audited more. Special guests are ProPublica reporter Paul Kiel and Mississippian upholsterer William Ayers.

Companies are increasingly going after cheap, inexperienced labor in lieu of experienced workers, leaving a lot of Americans financially insecure and struggling. Soledad sits down with legendary journalist and author Ray Suarez, host of the new podcast series, “Going for Broke.”


While the nominees and winners in the big awards shows may not be as white as they were in 2015, a lot more needs to be done to showcase a wider variety of talent and storytelling. Special guest is Academy Award nominee Sophia Nahli Allison, director of ‘A Love Song For Latasha.’

Soledad takes a closer look at the increase in attacks against Asian Americans, particularly the elderly. Special guests are co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate Manjusha P Kulkarni and historian and author Dr Erika Lee.

Even as the Trump administration prepares to leave office, several Native American tribes are still suing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to get Congressionally-earmarked CARES Act funding. Special guests are water and energy rights attorney Pilar Thomas and Shawnee Chief Ben Barnes.

A year after the country band Lady Antebellum shortened their name to Lady A, things remain unresolved with the original Lady A. Soledad sits down with blues singer Anita “Lady A” White.

More than two dozen state legislatures are considering a ban on trans athletes competing, even as the House of Representatives push for more reform and rights for the LGBTQI+ community. Special guest is author, swimmer and advocate Schuyler Bailar, the first trans man to compete at a D1 school.


Sixty years ago, hundreds of Americans of different ethnic backgrounds boarded interstate buses to integrate the South, many facing brutal beatings. Soledad sits down with Catherine Burks-Brooks to talk about her own experiences facing down law enforcement.

Soledad talks about educating a new generation of Americans about the 1921 massacre with special guests Portia Hurtt and Anneliese Bruner, descendants of author and Tulsa Massacre survivor Mary Parrish.

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Soledad sits down with first responder firefighters Brenda Berkman and Regina Wilson and former CNN producer, Rose Arce, all of whom responded that day.


Soledad takes a closer look at the alarming numbers of suicides among students. Special guests are author and psychology UNC professor Dr. Mitch Prinstein and John Bruns and Heather Wendling, parents of London Bruns.

Very Opinionated with Soledad O’Brien dives into the symptoms, treatments and unknowns around COVID-19 “long haulers.” Special guest is Insider Senior Coronavirus Reporter Aria Bendix.

As more Americans are expected to need food assistance, the federal government is about to cut off a major food supply source. Special guests are Houston Food Bank CEO Brian Greene and Feeding America’s Chief Government Relations Officer Kate Leone.

Concerns over teachers dying and students falling behind have led to delays, pivoting, remote learning, pods and a widening gap among the haves and have nots. Special guest is Pablo Ortega, the ELL director at Des Moines Public Schools.


Soledad takes a closer look at the hundreds of voting rights bills being taken up at the federal and state level, including those being compared to “Jim Crow-era” bills. Special guest is Myrna Pérez, director of the Brennan Center’s Voting Rights and Elections Program.

Black women voters are a force at the polls, yet they’re routinely discarded by candidates who need their votes to win. Special guest is Martha S Jones, professor at Johns Hopkins and author of “Vanguard: How Black Women Broke Barriers, Won the Vote and Insisted on Equality for All.”


As the U.S. winds down its troops in Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan translators could be left behind to face the Taliban. Very Opinionated sits down with one former translator, A Jabar Amini, to hear his story and what he fears will happen next.

Soledad digs through the misinformation and misframing around the large number of unaccompanied minors and families currently crossing the Mexican-American border. Special guest is Neha Desai, director of immigration at the National Center for Youth Law.

Monday – Friday episodes recapping the top headlines

Lawmakers avoiding a government shutdown, but an economic crisis is on the horizon. A new poll finding Americans want to prioritize drug pricing negotiations. Merck’s antiviral covid pill cutting hospitalizations and deaths in half. More bodycam footage of the August 12th altercation between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, and a golden anniversary for Walt Disney World.

President Joe Biden winning Arizona… again. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky going against advisors’ recommendations. An arrest warrant for the still missing Brian Laundrie, a shooting in Tennessee, and two positive covid tests happening on-air.

Federal officials and career scientists butting heads over additional covid doses. U.S. Olympic gymnasts testifying about the FBI’s failures in the Larry Nassar case. Another all-civilian space flight, the president’s economic plans, and the Capitol on alert.

A powerful earthquake shaking Mexico. Texas’ new bill making voting stricter. Virginia taking down a confederate statue. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes going on trial, the National Baseball Hall of Fame getting new inductees, and another victory for Britney Spears.

Pfizer getting full approval. Severe flooding devastating Tennessee, while Tropical Storm Henri leaving many without power. It’s Governor Andrew’s Cuomo final day in office. U.S troops may exit Afghanistan later than expected, and Jeopardy resuming its search for a new host.

The first criminal complaint against Governor Cuomo coming out… as his top aide steps down. One lone senator pushing back against fast-tracking the infrastructure bill. President Trump’s former acting attorney general testifying about efforts to undermine election integrity. Coronavirus surging in Texas, the planet facing a hotter future, and the Taliban takes another Afghan capital.


Empowered Health

I previously was the producer and editor for Empowered Health, a podcast focused on demystifying women’s health. Here are some samples of work completely produced and edited by me. For more, check out the archive on our website. All episodes in the archive are produced by me, with a few episodes edited by a freelancer.

Women’s Health Newsletters

I write the weekly newsletter for Empowered Health. Here’s some samples:

What statistics tell us about mammography’s effectiveness

The co-occurrence of depression and heart disease and why it’s predominately affects women

Addressing the disconnect that leaves women uncertain about who to turn to for medical advice

Tech innovators working to make childbirth safer

What impact does it have when someone wants and abortion and isn’t able to get one?

Mood and memory functioning during menopause

Heart disease of the small vessels, a female killer

The toxicity of sugar and how it impacts families

How Grandma directly increases her grandkids’ longevity, explained by Kristen Hawkes

Writing & Reporting

I’ve contributed to multiple media outlets. Read some of my work at the Times Beacon Record News Media, GoNOMAD, Us WeeklyAmherst Independent, Amherst Wire, and HerCampus UMass Amherst. My work at Inframation News is behind a paywall, but I can send screengrabs if you’re interested in viewing it.


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